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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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also, looking at contract revenues from the city wide reporting. they might be related to revenue as we face another several years of a budget crisis. that would be my recommendation looking at those. supervisor chu: today, i am not prepared to prioritize any of the project. perhaps we could have the budget analyst work on finding some of these in particular first one, which is premium, since we have had more conversation about that one, and we can come back with a clearer idea of prioritization. supervisor mar: i am clear on that, but we are going to move forward on the first one, as it sounds like it was suggested by the three of us. supervisor chu: i am simply saying if we are going to prioritize that, that we revise the scope. >> for clarification, i think it would be helpful for the budget and legislative analyst's office
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to understand where the parties are, and if you wanted us to come in with a more refined scope. we could do it a couple of different ways. in the stand that perhaps you are not ready to move forward on any of these at this point, but you could move forward with a motion if you have one or two projects you wanted to move forward with, and we could come back with the approve work plan before we went forward with the work. supervisor mar: ok, let me ask supervisor maxwell. supervisor maxwell: from my understanding, this is a hearing -- not to take action, but to hear. i was prepared to listen, and now, next time we hear this, it will probably be for action. that is what my thinking was. supervisor mar: sounds like my colleagues are suggesting we bring this back with more detail so we can have the action of
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prioritizing it for the next meeting. >> that would be fine, but i need to understand clearly -- would you like us to come back with more specific definitions of specific projects? supervisor mar: and a narrowing of the scope of items one and two, more specifics on how that would be one item. >> do you want us to come back with more information on the advertising recommendation? supervisor mar: yes, i would like more recommendation. >> we will come back with more information on those items. supervisor mar: sounds good. any others, colleagues? that is helpful. i have not opened up for public comment yet. again, we are sensitive to time because one colleague needs to leave. let's open up for public comment. walter, please come forward. >> good afternoon.
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♪ i remember but it -- budget legislative analyst audit audit, audit right here and i know you face up to all of your budget money fears looking out at this budget will only city -- lonely city day after day maybe audit maybe make it in good and i will give my best to you i remember the legislative analyst's report went real good and i want you to make it like you showed make it better
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make it better today make it every day ♪ supervisor mar: thank you. anyone else from the public? is there anyone else who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed, and left consider this at the next gao meeting. are there any other items before us? >> no, there are not. supervisor mar: thank you so much, everyone. meeting adjourned.
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